Thank you to everyone that took part in this year’s Summit

From food fraud, to crisis plans and regulation clarity the 6th Annual European Food Safety and Quality Summit discussed topics to propel you to the top of your food safety game. We hope you found new knowledge, new ideas and new contacts to aid your food quality strategies. – Highlights included: A very interactive “Your Say” panel discussion Crisis management tips from Barry Callebaut Best practice recall guidelines from Coca-Cola New regulation changes from the European Commission 3D printed hummus Check back here in a few days to see the whole photo album.

Featured Topics

Transform the organisational mindset about cost, quality and safety Surviving - and thriving - in challenging times Establishing the business case for change Leverage the strategic power of operational excellence Engaging ALL associates in the journey Optimising the system – relief from initiative weariness Win the market through the impact of zero losses Challenging paradigms to measure against perfection Sustaining substantial financial performance
With ever more stringent food regulatory standards, increasing globalisation of supply chains and enhanced testing capabilities, risk management within the food and beverage industry has never been so complex. As a result product recalls are on the rise, with the number of recalls per year in the US having almost doubled since 2002. The repercussions of product recalls for businesses are serious and very costly. Financial loss is not always the main concern for businesses however, as reputational damage and loss of brand equity are also very difficult to recover from.  How product contamination impacts your company Innovative products to reduce the risk of contamination How to have peace of mind with your food safety processes
The importance of a well calibrated auditors team Steps to achieve it: On-boarding process Auditors skills continuum Gaps filling Key factors Technical skills Auditing skills Soft skills
Risk and uncertainty are integral parts of any activity, including business activities. On one hand, through seizing opportunities, they enable financial gain. And on the other hand, they can cause unexpected events that consequently may generate a loss or threat the company performance. The presentation aims to show one of the ways of implementing a formal risk management system.
What does food safety excellence mean today? How to always be audit ready Building food safety awareness into your company culture Harnessing the latest innovative food safety techniques 

2016 Summit Highlights

Attendee Feedback

“Very interesting, many good ideas. ” — Lily Michaelovich, Risks & Purchasing Quality Manager, Strauss Group

“ A really valuable sharing experience of ways how to make the food industry sustainable and competitive in turbulent times” — Konstantin Martinek, Technical Director, Devro

“Professionalism and passion – a great experience – many ideas and thoughts about the next developments in my company” — Grazyna Nowak Polomska, Company Development and McD’s Business Unit Director, Farm Frites