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2017 Presentations

Please note, not all speakers have given permission for their presentations to be shared. We are still in the process of gaining permissions. Please check back in a week when more presentations should be added.

 Anett Winker  Carles Cane  Denis Vande Putte.
The Metrics That Matter in Process Control Validation
Anett Winkler
Associate Research Scientist
Mondelez International
Advancements in Micro & Nanotechnology and their Practical Application for In-line Monitoring
Carles Canes
Senior Researcher
El Centro Nacional de Microelectrónica
Harmonising Diverse Multi-Plant Operations Under a Common Corporate Food Safety Strategy
Denis Vande Putte
QESH & Regulatory Director
 Fera  Frank Devlieghere  Geke Naaktgeboren
Next Generation Sequencing Applications in Food Safety and Quality
Edward Haynes
Molecular Biologist
Advances in Spore-Forming Pathogen Treatment and Predictive Modelling
Frank Devlieghere
Professor – Laboratory of Food Microbiology and Food Preservation
Ghent University
Tangible Tools to Motivate and Empower Your Employees to Achieve a Culture of Safety
Geke Naaktgeboren
Director QA, BG Ingredients
Royal FrieslandCampina
 Safefood  Gerard Chalons  ROCOL
Utilising Software Management to Harmonise All Your Food Safety and Quality Management Processes
George Howlett
Safefood 360
Best Practice Controls to Ensure Raw Material Delivery Compliance
Gerard Chalons
Corporate Quality Manager
GB Foods
Innovative Solutions to Reduce the Risk of Product Recalls and Protect Against Reputational Damage
Huba Házos
Key Account Manager
 ATS  Sealed Air  Lena Sparring
Track and Trace in Slaughterhouses – Sustainable Veal Chain
Jacques De Groot
Head of Quality Assurance
VanDrie Group
How Knowledge-Based Services Are Optimizing Performance and Reducing Food Waste
Jean-Luc Sornay
VP Global Equipment
Sealed Air
Consumer Trust & Transparency
Lena Sparring
Director of Product Safety and Quality
 Covance  Maria Hoffman  SGS
How Advanced Targeted and Non-Targeted Testing Can Help You Detect Food Contaminants, Residues and Adulterants
Lukas Vaclavik
Senior Scientist
How the FDA uses Whole Genome Sequencing for Regulatory Purposes
Maria Hoffmann
Research Genomics Microbiologist
US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) / Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN)
Food Authenticity Along the Supply Chain
Mario Gadanho & Guy Escarfail
 2 Sisters Food Group Michael Rychlik  Eurofins
Driving a Culture of Quality – How to Engage Your Workforce and Align Their Practices With Your Food Safety & Quality Processes
Mark Carnaghan
General Manager
2 Sisters Food Group
Analysis and Risk Assessment of “New” Mycotoxins
Prof. Michael Rychlik
Chair, Analytical Food Chemistry Department
Technical University of Munich
Innovative Solutions for Listeria Detection and Monitoring
Nicholas Krohn
Molecular Biologist
 Coop  Metro Cargill
How to Conduct an Ethics Audit on Suppliers in the Food Industry
Niklas Waren
Quality Director
Building a Robust Global Food Safety Capacity Development Programme for Logistics Operations
Nikolaos Bessas
Head of Global Supply Chain Quality Assurance
FSMA: What Does it Mean for Exporting European Food or Feed Manufacturers to the US
Pamela Wilger
Assistant Director of Global Food Safety
 Schneider  SHS Drinks  Remcort
Improve Food Safety by Controlling, Monitoring and Securing Your Facilities
Paul Alcock
Senior Technical Sales Consultant
Schneider Electric
Closing the Vulnerabilities of Dealing With Agents and Brokers
Paul Isherwood
Head of Technical & Quality
SHS Drinks
Next Generation Sequencing Techniques in Food Microbiology
Remco Kort
Professor, Microbiology & Systems Biology
VU University
 OMRON  Roy Kirby  Ferrero
Utilising Food Safe Autonomous Vehicles to Enhance Your Food Production Facilities
Robert Brooks & Bruno Adam
Next Generation Risk Assessments
Roy Kirby
Mondelez International
Food Safety Management in an International Scenario applied to Global Food Brands
Salvatore Ranchetti
Group Quality Director
 Uni of Newcastle.  Sophie Zuber  Testo
Understanding Consumer Behaviour to Create Confidence in the Integrity of Your Brands
Sharron Kuznesof
Food Marketing
Newcastle University
Foodborne Viruses: Control Options in Food Processing
Sophie Zuber
Complete Digital Quality Management Systems from Farm to Fork (incl. Live Demonstration)
Stephanie Burchardt
Head of Business Unit Food
 Axfoods  EU Commission  Tim Dallman.
Act Fast: Establishing a Framework to Effectively Deal With Product Recalls
Susanna Wadegard
Head of Quality Assurance
European Commission Keynote from the Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety
Thomas Bregeon
Assistant to Deputy Director General of Food Safety
European Commission
Applications of Whole Genome Sequencing in Food Safety Management
Tim Dallman
Lead for Gastrointestinal Bioinformatics, National Infection Service
Public Health England
 Wageningen Uni.  Zoltan.
Next-Generation Food Authentication Analysis Technology
Yannick Weesepoel
Wageningen University
Microbiological Risk Management in the Production of Beverages Sensitive to Microorganism Spoilage
Zoltan Sypos
Group QSE Director
Coca-Cola HBC