Marion Schaefer

Head of Quality Assurance & Reg. Affairs/Corporate SHEQ, Nordzucker

1. Why did you choose a career in food safety and quality?

Food is key to me, as I enjoy very much cooking and eating. As a food chemist I have a broad background in food science and regulations. It’s exciting and meaningful for me to discover new topics in this area and to ensure that food is provided in safe and perfect quality.

2. What are the main responsibilities in your role?

In my role as Head of Quality Assurance & Reg. Affairs, my main responsibilities are in the areas of Product Quality & Safety, Audit Management and Regulatory Affairs Food and Feed. For Product Quality & Safety my team and I are reviewing external requirements from regulatory bodies and customers. My team aim to define and develop the internal standard of Nordzucker. In addition, we ensure compliance to those requirements in our 17 sites.

3. What are your biggest challenges on a daily basis?

- Finding alignment between many stakeholders (factories but also other functions)
- Getting a trouble free and compliant global supply chain

4. How do you envisage the role of food safety and Quality changing in the next 5 years?

Food Safety and Quality topics will probably extend to other areas e.g. agriculture, processing aids.

As of today, food safety and quality are basic conditions for customers. There will possibly be more focus on connected services. Due to that, it will become important to get more people involved in these topics and improve the mind-set for quality.