Programme 2018

08:00 - 11:30

Heineken Factory Tour


We are pleased to announce that on Day 1 of Food World Summit 2018, delegates will have an exclusive opportunity to attend a tour of the Heineken factory in Zoeterwoude. The Zoeterwoude factory is the biggest and most modern brewery of Western-Europe, and the tour will offer a complete and elaborate insight about the process and production. There are only 80 places on the factory tour, and they will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.



11:15 - 12:00

Registration & Refreshments

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12:00 - 13:00

Networking Lunch

13:00 - 13:10

Chair’s Opening Remarks

Louise Manning, Reader (Assoc. Professor) in Food Policy and Management , Harper Adams University

Introductory remarks by the Chair in the plenary room

13:10 - 13:45 - Keynote

Communicating quality and food safety: should I say it or not?

Manuel Mariani, Director of Quality and Food Safety- Region: Italy , Barilla Group



  • Communicating about quality and food safety can be tricky both internally and externally
  • Communicating the right messages to top management with the right KPIs is fundamental to gain commitment and resources: but are typical measures good enough for this?
  • Communicating food safety challenges to whole organization is key to foster culture of quality through the organization
  • Let the consumer look inside: communication to keep high consumer trust and confidence in the food safety system

13:45 - 14:20 - Keynote

Safety, Quality & Compliance

Building trust in the food we eat by ensuring we stay ahead of food crime

Gavan Wafer, Head of Intelligence, National Food Crime Unit-FSA



  • How has longer supply chains changed food crime?
  • Exploring the importance of developing deeper relationships with industry
  • How do we advance and push food crime to a minimum?

14:20 - 14:25

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14:25 - 14:55 - Solution Spotlights

Safety, Quality & Compliance

Bone detection and food traceability – essential parts of modern food processing

Einar Hlöðver Sigurðsson, Product Manager - X-ray solutions , TUV SUD




  • The value in delivering bone-free products to your customer
  • How automated bone detection improves consumer safety
  • The importance of food traceability for your process monitoring and brand image

Best practice for building a world class early warning management process

Nicola Colombo, Global head of SGS DIGICOMPLY, SGS in Switzerland


The monitoring and understanding of all potential impacts on the food supply chain is a must in today’s market to enable anticipation and appreciation of opportunities and risks to a company. This means efficient monitoring of supply chain issues, scientific updates, policy changes. Nicola will explore :

  • data from previous years
  • analyse root causes of food fraud and recalls,
  • and share best practices to implement a robust Early Warning management process.

14:55 - 15:55

iSolve & Networking Break

16:00 - 16:35 - Case Studies

Safety, Quality & Compliance


Bringing value to the digital consumer Session abstract: Which roles to be played in an organization

Christine Lodder, Global Quality Director, Danone

hmmm danone.png


  • What is a digital consumer and why should we focus quality on digital consumers?
  • Evaluating the expectations of a digital consumer
  • Validation of sources about the consumer
  • Understanding & building the full picture
  • Implementing effective strategies to bring value & growth

16:35 - 17:10 - Solution Spotlights

Autonomous and intelligent manufacturing: a game changer in fresh and personalized food

Faouzi Grebici, Industry Solutions Manager Europe, Omron Electronics Europe




In response to current challenges in the food & drink sector to reduce waste and provide a healthier and fresher food while coping with increased variety, Omron proposes a unique model of manufacturing based on a fully autonomous and highly intelligent model of manufacturing. The synergy and integration between world class machine automation solutions and a novel generation of intelligent autonomous vehicle is a real game changer in flexible manufacturing.

The intelligent and autonomous manufacturing model offers the end to end automation and traceability - traditionally achieved by linear conveyor systems - and the unparalleled flexibility reached only by manual handling.

Manufacturing, Operations & Technology

Using Business Intelligence for more effective food safety management

George Howlett, CEO, SafeFood 360



  • Using your data to see trends and potential risks
  • How to measure risk and compliance in food safety and the difference between them
  • What is Business Intelligence and how can it be applied to food safety

17:15 - 17:50 - Keynote

Quality Improvements in a Family Business

Wiebe Willig, Managing Director, Henri Willig Cheese

Annekke de Valk, QHSE R&D Manager, Henri Willig Group





  • Ensuring quality and profitability on small-medium production lines
  • A practical approach to food safety and QA
  • Transforming a small family business into a national flag carrier

18:15 - 20:00

Drinks Reception & Amsterdam Canal Tour

The history of Amsterdam is intimately connected with water. Its 165 canals were created over the centuries to stimulate trade and transport and reclaim land to expand the city. They continue define the city’s landscape and in 2010 Amsterdam's canal ring was recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site. In this relaxing end to the day, network with your fellow attendees over drinks and canapes as we cruise the city’s historical centre by boat.

07:45 - 08:50

Registration & Refreshments

Register, get yourself some refreshments and say hello to your fellow attendees

08:45 - 08:50

Chair’s Opening Remarks

Louise Manning, Reader (Assoc. Professor) in Food Policy and Management , Harper Adams University

Introductory remarks by the Chair in the plenary room

08:50 - 09:25 - Keynote

Quality Management in Trademark Food Licensing

Marjolein de Koning, EU Chocolate & Global Licensing Quality Lead , Mondelez International



  • How to manage Quality Control in Trademark Food Licensing
  • Incorporating a Global Trademark Licensing Quality Process
  • Using a Trademark Food Licensing Quality Risk Assessment Model

09:25 - 10:00 - Panel Discussion


Getting Out of Silos: How a Collective Approach to Food Development Can Optimise your Product

Manuel Mariani, Director of Quality and Food Safety- Region: Italy , Barilla Group

Atanasios Moschos, Quality and R&D Director, Leonidas S.A




  • Bringing together leaders from various disciplines across the food industry, this panel will explore the nature of business silos in the food industry
  • The panellists will discuss how a lack of communication between departments increases the risk of failures and delays
  • Learn how companies are breaking down these silos to optimise and accelerate their product cycles

10:00 - 10:05

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10:05 - 10:40 - Case Studies

Safety, Quality & Compliance

Securing your food chain farm to fork from a food defence perspective

Corinne Begueria, Group Quality Director , Groupe Bel




  • Understanding where threats come from
  • Strategies to protect your food products from fraud which can affect quality and safety

Safety, Quality & Compliance

Reducing risk through better foreign body management

Marion Schaefer, Head of Quality Assurance & Reg. Affairs / Corporate SHEQ, Nordic Sugar A/S


Nordic Sugar no background.png


  • Harmonisation of equipment
  • Process optimisation
  • Holistic approach
  • Safeguarding investments

12:15 - 12:50 - Solution Spotlights


Ensuring food hygiene standard through an e-learning platform

Thorsten Steinhübel, Global Business Line Manager, Food, Health and Beauty, Inspection & Audit, TUV SUD









Living in this day and age where mobility and convenience is key, TÜV SÜD introduces an e-learning platform which may change the way you equip yourself with food safety, hygiene and HACCP knowledge. In this session, we will highlight:

  • The importance of establishing a good hygiene standard in the food business
  • The benefits of an online hygiene training solution
  • The possibilities of personalisation and co-branding

12:50 - 13:50

Networking Lunch

13:50 - 14:25 - Keynote

Safety, Quality & Compliance

Food Fraud 2020. Learning from the Past to Prepare for the Future

James Karn, Director Quality Food Safety | Regional QHSE | EMEA, Kerry








James will explore the views of experts, consumers globally and give examples of how the vacuum of trust created by food fraud incidents can be filled.

14:25 - 14:25

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14:30 - 15:05 - Solution Spotlights

Listen to the consumer's voice in product quality

Andrew Hunt, Consumer Insights Director, Eolas International

Martina Daly, Business Development Director, Eolas International


  • Our connected world and its impact on consumer engagement in product quality
  • The value offered by consumer centric quality measurement
  • Demonstrating an agile approach for consumer engagement in retail and e-commerce

Safety, Quality & Compliance

Management of food safety and quality in the digital age

Bastian Eichler, Group Leader Product & Market Management, Testo








  • Challenges faced in food safety and quality management in the digital age
  • Targeted approaches for addressing application specific requirements
  • Management of measurement data as an important part of a digital solution for food safety and quality management

15:05 - 16:05

iSolve & Networking Refreshments

16:05 - 16:40 - Keynote

Merging Two Factories. How to Succeed?

Atanasios Moschos, Quality and R&D Director, Leonidas S.A


  • Define the Target
  • Common language, an easy thing?
  • Food safety planning versus Engineering planning
  • Hidden risks

16:40 - 17:15 - Keynote

Manufacture and Supply Chain Security, Transparency and Authenticity Using Blockchain Technology

Alex Bruce, Managing Director, Adelphi Distillery Limited


  • Controlling supply chain, manufacture and stock
  • Consumer interaction
  • Prevention against counterfeiting

17:20 - 18:20

Evening Drinks Reception

08:00 - 08:45

Registration & Refreshments

08:50 - 09:25 - Keynote

Safety, Quality & Compliance

Food Integrity Management

Louise Manning, Reader (Assoc. Professor) in Food Policy and Management , Harper Adams University



  • To reflect on the food integrity risk associated with my business
  • To consider the pinch-points in my business or the wider supply chain
  • To have a take home action to apply in my business

09:25 - 10:00 - Keynote

Best Practice Raw Material Risk Assessment

Derek Croucher, Technical Director, Morning Foods







  • The challenges of raw material risk assessment with complex formulations and ingredients with challenging supply chains
  • Taking a holistic approach; avoiding gaps in the system
  • Linking the risk assessment to raw material testing and delivery acceptance
  • Keeping the system up to date in a dynamic world

10:00 - 10:35 - Keynote

Safety, Quality & Compliance

Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC): know your enemy!

Laurence Blayo, Group Leader Food Safety Microbiology, Nestlé Research Center





“To defeat your enemy you need to know your enemy”. Shiga-toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC) are an important cause of foodborne disease and have become a key area of concern for the food industry. Infections have been associated with a wide range of symptoms from mild intestinal discomfort to haemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), end-stage renal disease (ESRD) and death. The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) estimates that each year STEC causes 265,000 illness, 3,600 hospitalizations and 30 deaths in the United States.

STEC are challenging microorganisms in many aspects: ecology, isolation and detection, nomenclature… This talk will feature the latest knowledge on STEC to bear in mind when e.g. addressing this hazard in HACCP studies.

10:35 - 11:35

iSolve & Networking Refreshments

11:35 - 12:10 - Keynote

Manufacturing, Operations & Technology

Developing and Implementing a Food Defence Strategy, The Example of a Portuguese SME: Past, Current and Future Challenges, Motivations and Expected Outcomes

Emanuel Guimaraes, Operations Director, Soguima SA

Soguima (1).jpg

  • Case study on Upgrading an in-house Food Safety Plan
  • Developing a food safety plan to meet the challenges of the future (safety, defence and fraud)
  • Why prevention is far better than reaction

12:10 - 12:15

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12:15 - 12:50 - Case Studies

Ensuring Quality and Food Safety Whilst Utilising a Globalized Supply Chain: Risk Assessment Approach

Nati Larrea, General Mills Europe-Australia EUAU External Quality Director, General Mills







  • How do we maintain oversight when we have increasingly more globalised supply chains?
  • What labelling regulations must we pay attention to
  • Working with international partners to keep quality standardised

Food safety best practice considerations when importing/exporting between Lebanon and the EU

Tania Abi El Hessen, Food Science & Technology Expert, Ministry of Economy & Trade - Lebanon


  • Addressing food safety requirements as possible barriers to trade
  • Arab countries have different national systems: Overview of the differences in food safety systems
  • Actions and ongoing projects for harmonization in the Arab region
  • Lebanon as a trade partner with the EU; requirements and official approach for border control
  • Main problems and constraints hindering food trade
  • Potential opportunities

12:50 - 13:50

Networking Lunch

13:50 - 14:25 - Keynote

Safety, Quality & Compliance

Our Campylobacter journeys

Gary McMahon, Company Microbiologist, Moy Park






  • New EU Micro-Criteria
  • The role of group laboratories in company successes

14:25 - 15:00 - Keynote

How can Food Safety standards help improve food fraud mitigation

Bruno Séchet, Technical Director , IFS







  • Requirements
  • Awareness on supply chain
  • Guidelines