Analytical Verification of the Provenance of Fruits and Vegetables as part of Risk Mitigation Planning in Retail:

13/05/2019 13:45 - 14:20

  • Authenticity testing in the service of risk management
  • Geographical origin verification by analytical tools
  • How to plan and implement origin testing in retail supply systems

As we move to an environment with diversified profiles of premium food products, ‘local’ or ‘regional’ food emerges as one of the driving characteristics for valued brands. Consequently, mislabeling of provenance claims creates opportunities for food fraud and illegal profits, fooling consumers and jeopardizing a brand’s reputation. Here, we present a widespread plan of analytical control of geographical origin for fresh produce, which serves as a risk mitigation measure, triggers supplier awareness and improves consumer trust.

David Psomiadis, Head of Laboratory , Imprint Analytics