Food from Tablet to Table – Rethink Manufacturing

13/05/2019 11:30 - 12:05

  • The emergence of the “made for me”
  • “100% fresh, 0% thrash”
  • Shift from “high volume, low mix to low volume high mix”
  • Flexible production: collaborate to make, autonomous to move
  • Flexible production: safe, connected and traceable
  • The role of people

Food from “Tablet to Table” is that a dream or reality. How to produce with the vision to “delight” rather than to “Stock” is a real conundrum facing the food industry. Huge waste and impressive carbon print with blurred consumer experience are the consequences of mass manufacturing. Responding to increased demand of fresh and seasonable food made on demand requires a shift in manufacturing. A new approach cantered around flexibility and adaptability with high mix and small volume is emerging. Collaborative robots and mobile autonomous vehicles capable to work along workers in a friendly, safe and cooperative environment is proving highly successful in several other industries. Omron would like to share and discuss gained experience and successful use cases in non-food sector that can be applied to the “food on demand” emerging market. Then maybe food from “Tablet to Table” might be closer than we might think…

Faouzi Grebici, Industry Solutions Manager - Europe, Omron Electronics