Microbiological Risk Mitigation In The Primary Processing of Plant Based Raw Materials

13/05/2019 16:30 - 17:05

  • Primary processing of plant based raw materials normally involves only mild technologies, such as washing, drying and steaming. There are gaps to be filled in the industry to better understand the level of food safety achieved towards pathogenic bacteria by these processes. A clear understanding of the process would allow the definition of safe parameters to be used as critical points in HACCP plans.
  • Scientific data were produced at Nestlé Research to better understand microbiological inactivation when technologies such as washing, drying and steaming are applied on either fresh or dried plant based raw materials.
  • Guidance booklets for washing, drying and steaming were developed to be used internally for training of auditors and externally for continuous improvement of suppliers and creation of shared value.

Matteo Campagnoli, Food Safety Microbiology Specialist , Nestlé