Improving Data Quality to Achieve Traceability in the Supply Chain : How Standards Help Companies get Started

14/05/2019 15:20 - 15:55

GS1 standards provide the building blocks needed for interoperable, end-to-end traceability systems. In 2017, we launched the GS1 Global Traceability Standard V2.0 which has defined a common framework needed to build robust traceability systems. Within this standard, the focus also includes key processes like ensuring data quality before the data is fit for various uses. Many of our members may already have or are in the process of implementing GS1 standards in their business processes but do they know how fundamental these standards are to bridge the physical and digital world?


This session is aimed for the following:

  • To demonstrate how standards such as open GS1 standards are the building blocks for trading partners to access, combine and analyse data from a variety of upstream and downstream sources
  • To understand the new components within the GS1 Global Traceability Standard and how it is used to build end to end traceability systems
  • Showcase a case study/sharing by GS1 Netherlands on how they locally support suppliers and retailers ensure master data quality with GS1 standards and tools

Jerry Tracey, Industry Manager Retail, GS1 Netherlands

Carolyn Lee Lian Yin, Traceability and Data Manager, GS1 Global Office