Protecting Brands by Managing the Vulnerable Dried Herb and Spice Supply Chain

14/05/2019 11:30 - 12:05

Brands are valuable assets which continue to receive heavy investment.  However, it does not take much for a brand to quickly lose both its reputation, trust and therefore value.

John will:

  • Demonstrate the value of brands using recent case studies from within the food industry and the consequences of failure.
  • Describe the vulnerability of supply chains to fraudulent activity.
  • Use recent case studies to demonstrate the vulnerability of the dried herb and spice supply chain.
  • Demonstrate how a minor ingredient can have a significant impact upon a broad range of prepared food products.
  • Explain the type of activities which the Herb and Spice industry undertake in order to assure the Quality, Food Safety and Authenticity of its products for customers, consumers and brand owners.

John Hill, Director (Fmr. Technical Director British Pepper and Spice), The John Hill Partnership