How is Food Fraud Evolving and What Should You Do?

10/11/2020 10:10 - 10:40

  • Food fraud today, the impact of a pandemic such as Coronavirus/ COVID 19
  • Scale and impact: the challenges of global supply chains
  • Emerging trends and threats
  • Preventing food fraud (you can’t but you can make it more difficult and unappealing)

The impact of food fraud ranges from harmful adulteration potentially resulting in illness or death, to unethical substitution of inferior products which can destroy brand reputation or even the reputation of an entire exporting country. In all cases, the consumer does not get exactly what they expected or what they have paid for. Food fraud today and what are the challenges of global supply chains? We can’t prevent but we can act to make it more difficult and unappealing.

Richard Werran, Food and Retail Supply Chain Director, EMEA, BSI Group