Challenges in Process Validations

19/10/2021 09:35 - 10:05

Process validations are required by different legislations and also food safety certifications / standards. They are meant to ensure that the process(es) validated are capable of controlling the respective hazard(s), i.e. referring to the design, but also include later requirements for monitoring and verification. Although for certain food groups process validations have been described in more detail, and some are based on long-term experiences, there are still many commodities, where such information is not easily available. Since process validation requires expert knowledge in different fields, companies often reach out to external services for that task. However, since the knowledge of the process and product is within the producing company and not necessarily the external service provider, successful process validation can pose challenges to both. The components, thought process and points of attention for such a process validation will be outlined in the presentation, thereby supporting producing companies and service providers in that task.

Anett Winkler, Food Safety Advisor (EMEA Microbiologist), Cargill