The Price for Quality

19/10/2021 12:05 - 12:35

SVZ International B.V is a supplier of fruit and vegetable purees, concentrates and NFC juices and IQF year-round.

The world is quickly changing, and SVZ needs to be very transparent towards her customers, in order to supply sustainable, healthy and safe food. Our clients and their customers, need to have a guaranteed quality of processed fruit and vegetables with zero food safety risks. To assure this, the organization needs to have knowledge of the entire supply chain and aim for high operational standards throughout.

Within this presentation a view will be given on which standards are needed in the agro-suppy chain of processed strawberries and how this relates to the expectations of the food industry. Also, information will be shared on how to select potential suppliers and how to support them in raising their quality standards to acceptable levels.

Louis Olde Hampsink, Agro Supply Quality Manager, SVZ International