Bacteriophage-Based Enrichment Coupled to Chemiluminescence Reaction Allows Rapid and Accurate Detection of Listeria Monocytogenes Salmonella spp.

14/06/2022 14:45 - 15:15

Environmental monitoring is crucial as an early warning system for foodborne pathogen contamination in food production facilities. However, current methods are time consuming, require laboratory infrastructures, and should be conducted by qualified operators only. To overcome these limitations, NEMIS has developed a rapid and intuitive test, named N-LightTM, to detect Listeria monocytogenes or Salmonella spp. on-site within 24 hours. The method involves selective enrichment in a bacteriophage-based media followed by the addition of a chemiluminescent probe, AquaSparkTM, which reacts with target enzymes to generate light.

Dr. Redouan Mahou, Senior Product Manager, NEMIS Technologies AG