Environmental monitoring program design and implementation across an Enterprise

14/06/2022 16:40 - 17:10

Environmental monitoring programs originated with the focus of preventing pathogens to get into ready-to-eat meals. As the benefits of an environmental monitoring program have been realized, the food and beverage industry has been on a journey to understanding microbial risks beyond food safety and mitigate food spoilage. How to design EMP in enterprises with a very diverse portfolio is always the balance and challenge within our industry, particularly when your products range from soft cheese, yogurts, juices, water, and carbonated soft drinks. A segmented and targeted focus across each platform is needed when implementing an environmental program across a supply chain that includes over 20 different processes platforms and the scope is more than 900 factories. In the regulatory arena, management of microbial risk is the responsibility of the food and beverage manufacturer, increasing the emphasis on robust Environmental monitoring programs. However, very limited references and procedures are available describing how to approach risk assessment and execution of a program across multiple processing platforms, in this session we will share how we approach this problem, insights into our programs, and lessons learnt through this journey.

Johanna Ramirez, Director - Microbiology & Food Safety , The Coca-Cola Company