Food Systems Shocks & Impacts – The Ever-Changing Risk Landscape to Deliver Safe Food

14/06/2022 10:10 - 10:40

As an industry we have been resilient in demonstrating the ability to pivot in the name of food safety, but continue to face unprecedented levels of challenge in supply and consumer driven demands for change which add new and inter-connected layers of risk that must be understood, monitored and measured to deliver safe food. 

The ‘dynamic’ risk landscape that technical teams must navigate – challenging organisational structures and resources

The food safety fundamentals ‘essential’ in times of new threats to supply and rapid change in operating models – where and what needs your focus

The future model for supply chain assurance –  applying a new lens to supplier risk and approval processes

Kimberly Carey Coffin, Global Supply Chain Assurance Technical Director – Food, LRQA