HEIST™: Setting a new standard in Integrity Testing and Holding Time Verification

14/06/2022 12:05 - 12:35

Unison’s HEIST™ system is the world’s first fully automatic integrity self testing system for plate heat exchangers. This patented, innovative and cost-effective system is putting control of integrity testing in manufacturers hands together with preventing contamination, ensuring product quality, improving productivity and reducing downtime and costs.

The current industry standard for testing PHEs is only 1-4 times a year leaving PHEs vulnerable to cracks and other defects, in between tests, which can cause severe product contamination. Until now, plate failure and other defects were difficult to diagnose without dismantling the equipment — resulting in costly downtime. This time-consuming process also risked significant loss of production and product, along with potential equipment damage. Restrictions in accessing process equipment and the cost of each integrity test makes it unfeasible for companies to carry out tests more often.

To ensure product quality and prevent contamination, testing should occur much more frequently. With HEIST™ testing is daily.

The integrated system automatically tests pasteurizers and plate heat exchangers (PHEs) DAILY for cracks or other defects with minimum downtime and maximum accuracy.

HEIST™ also has the capability to carry out an automatic holding time test on the PHE at the start and finish of production.

Paul Sheehan, Chief Executive Officer , Unison Process Solutions