Networking Lunch

14/06/2022 13:10 - 14:10

Lunch & Learn Round Tables

Roundtable by Biometic
Food Safety Improvements and Process Optimizations through Unique In-line 3D X-Ray Inspection Solution

  • What distinguishes BIOMETiC Mito – the unique 3D X-Ray Food Inspection Solution, from conventional 2D Inspection Systems
  • How does Mito help you overcome Food Safety & Quality Challenges
    • Improved Glass-in-Glass Detection
    • Smart and Automatic Food Inspection – CT and AI Technologies applied to Food Products Inspection (e.g., baked, sweets, and confectionery products)
    • Concrete Optimization Results achieved among Different Customers in Terms of Numbers (%) and Detectable Foreign Material Dimensions
  • What Further Benefits and Services can you expect:
      • 24/7 Customer Support
      • Low Maintenance Costs of the BIOMETiC Solutions
      • Traceability and IT Integration with Customers’ ERP

Marco Facchin, Sales account Manager, Biometic
Andrea Quattrone, Sales Account Manager, Biometic

Roundtable by Infor
Hungry for Innovation

Philippe Michel, Director Solution Consulting, Infor
Franco Perusi, Solution Consulting, Infor

With the pandemic and now the war in eastern Europe, food companies are facing difficulties to get some ingredients. This is forcing them to adjust recipes and formulas with various impacts.

What is your situation today ? How complex are the problems you have to deal with regarding product development ? What are your initiative(s) to adapt to these changes?

how do your applications help you to manage this quickly and safely ? Please, Join us to discuss these topics, share ideas and more!