Unified QMS: Towards Predictive Quality

14/06/2022 10:10 - 10:40

Leading Food & Beverage companies are modernizing Food Safety & Quality with solutions that allow them to evolve their approach from reactive, to preventative and ultimately a predictive approach. This presentation will review some of the enablers for such a vision. We will address unifying assurance & control to have end to end visibility on Quality information. Secondly, we'll discuss creating a single source of truth when it comes to master data, such as material specifications, material transactions and suppliers. We will illustrate how such a roadmap to predictive Quality can be implemented using some real life examples.
Our top 3 reasons why you should join this session:

1. Learn how cloud-based solutions can unify Quality Assurance and Quality Control

2. How modern QMS can unify data from PLM and ERP systems

3. How a unified approach to Quality data enables predictive Quality

Geert Van Kempen, Head of Food & Beverage Strategy, Veeva Systems