Looking Beyond the Horizon: Global Intelligence Beyond Legacy Boundaries

09/05/2023 12:05 - 12:35

SGS and TG bring you a “Webb Telescope” for seeing the risks and opportunities that exist beyond the traditional horizons of your business.

The global supply chain has changed, moving from static, linear relationships to a more flexible and interconnected world. Out of necessity, organizations have worked to develop agility, resilience, adaptability as critical competencies. A powerful, global network is forming, built around the flow of networked ingredient data throughout the supply chain, and that critical ingredient data can also be enriched and made more relevant and useful with meaningful global intelligence. Gary Nowacki, CEO of TraceGains, and Nicola Colombo, Global Head of SGS Digicomply, will discuss the growing criticality of risk, incident, fraud and regulatory data, and the importance of making that data relevant and contextual to the daily operations of the business.

Gary Nowacki, CEO, TraceGains

Nicola Colombo, Global head of SGS DIGICOMPLY, SGS DIGICOMPLY