How are Women in Leadership Promoting Equality Among Workers in the Food Industry?

10/05/2023 15:05 - 15:50

  • Less than 20% of senior leadership roles in the food and beverage business are held by women, even though women make 80% of the world's food purchasing decisions. What steps are businesses taking to be more inclusive?
  • Examining the causes of the underrepresentation of women, the measures that companies may take to encourage gender parity, and the steps that can be taken to increase the effectiveness of efforts for diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Does corporate policy have a role in shaping a more inclusive company culture, and if so, what role is that?

Eda Fetahu, Open Innovation Expert , Amadori

Claudia Vasquez, CEO and Director , Origenal Story

Matilda Freund, Retired (Mondelez) VP Global Food Safety , Freund Consulting Company

Nicole Umana, Global Agile Innovation Human Intelligence Director, Mars Wrigley

Sharon Cittone, Founder and CEO , Edible Planet Ventures