Transitioning from Dairy to Plant-Based Production – Handling Allergen Aspects

10/05/2023 13:55 - 14:25

Plant-based products are being developed as part of an increase in consumer demand in more natural and environmentally friendly foods. Dairy-based food products are linked to high food safety risk of allergenicity and intolerance. Transitioning to plant-based food would reduce the risk but not alleviate it. A significant portion of the population is known to be sensitive to plant-based protein – this also includes pulses. Validated analytical methods have been developed for regulated allergens but there is still room for improvement for non-regulated allergens such as pulses. Limit of quantification currently applied on the markets do not allow for an accurate assessment of the risk linked to these types of plant-based proteins. Cleaning is part of the mitigation but tools for validation and monitoring needs to be considered.

Laure Roger, Product Safety, Microbiology & Analytical R&D Manager , Upfield